Worry-Free Reliability

Eliminate failure modes and lumen degradation found in traditional lighting technologies

LEP Fixture
  • Even with extensive operation over long periods of time, LEP's electrodeless quartz lamps do not display electrode failures or wall darkening that affects traditional metal halide and HPS lamps.
  • The unique construction of LEP's solid-state RF generator produces a rugged device made to withstand extended, continuous use.
  • Unlike LED luminaires which require several devices to generate sufficient light, LEP uses a single source, thereby reducing failure points and increasing overall system reliability.

LEP System Lumen Maintenance

System Lumen Maintenance

An LEP system for general lighting applications is rated for 70% lumen maintenance (L70) after 50,000 hours of use. Unlike typical HID light sources, LEP sources do not need to be de-rated for the length of operating cycles.

In comparison, a typical 400W metal halide lamp yields a 50% survival rate after only 18,000 hours of use. Its lifetime is de-rated by as much as 25% for lamp orientation, and up to 50% for short operating cycles.

LEP is the only high-intensity light source that can be dimmed rapidly to 20% of light output by dimmers or daylight sensors. Dimmed light output reduces energy costs and actually lengthens the life of the plasma lamp beyond the rated 50,000 hours.

The extended life of Light Emitting Plasma compared to other technologies results in dramatically lower maintenance costs.

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