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Natural light from a mobile LEP source illuminates
the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards

Unparalleled light distribution from point source

The LEP emitter is constructed of a small electrode-less lamp encased by a ceramic resonator. This unique design produces light from a very compact area in a forward direction into a lambertian pattern.

The quartz lamp acts as a point source due to its minimal size, providing many advantages in a luminaire’s optical performance. Smaller sources inherently reduce the amount of optics needed to achieve the required level of glare cutoff and illumination, while ensuring excellent uniformity.

Because LEP's directionality causes all of its light to be directed toward the area needing illumination, there are no optical losses from light going in the wrong direction. In most applications, LEP luminaires can achieve greater than 90% optical efficiency into the desired light distribution.

Natural illumination for enhanced visibility

LEP’s plasma 'arc' directly emits a full-spectrum white light without the need for a secondary phosphor conversion such as those used by LED or Induction sources. The natural illumination generated from the LEP source greatly enhances visibility and color appearance, with a CRI up to 95.

The full-spectrum signature also provides increased pupil lumens (with S/P ratio of 2.4), greatly enhancing visibility at night, when street and outdoor light is most needed. LEP’s natural illumination enables luminaires to create a safe, natural, and inviting environment.

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LEP-powered plasma light sources by Hive featured in Wired Magazine's February, 2015 print edition!

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