High Lumens Package

Increase light output without compromise

One of the key benefits of LEP over LED and HID is the ability to scale in lumen output without losing efficiency and increasing system overhead like size and cost.

For example, in order to double the light output of an LED fixture, you need twice as many LEDs, optics, and driver. This proves to be problematic: thermal cross-talk lowers efficiency of the individual LEDs, adding components drive up cost and compromises system reliability, and luminaire size increases proportionally.

LEP sources, on the other hand, can double in light output by simply scaling the size of the bulb and using a higher power amplifier which only marginally impacts system performance. In addition, the source size remains small compared to the illumination optics and the emitter becomes more efficacious, giving you higher optical efficiency at high outputs.

LEP's maximum benefits are realized at high lumen output

When plasma light production is scaled to higher lumen packages, its efficiency and cost of ownership benefits increase compared to other lighting technologies.

20,000 Lumens40,000 Lumens
# of LEDs150300
System Sizex2x
System Cost$$$
1 LEP = 150 LEDs1 LEP = 300 LEDs
# of LEPs11
System Sizeyy
System Cost$$

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