Energy Efficiency

Energy savings using LEP luminaires comes from a combination of source and application efficiencies

  • LEP’s source efficacy, lumens created per watt consumed, is 15-20% higher than an HID source, because no power is wasted in heating electrodes. Plasma light source efficacy ranges from 115 to 150 LPW at operating temperatures.
  • LEP sources can be utilized to achieve application efficiency more effectively than HID, induction lighting or LED because of its directionality and size. The directional source prevents light from being trapped inside a luminaire. Point source optics effectively maps the source to the illuminated area, preventing unwanted light spill (a source for glare and light-pollution).
LEP is the only high-intensity light source that can be dimmed almost instantly to 20% of light output by dimmers or daylight sensors.

Dimming (based on occupancy or demand response) further reduces energy costs, and actually lengthens the life of the plasma lamp beyond the rated lifetime.

Application Efficiency Comparison: HPS vs. LEP

 460W HPS280W LEPBenefit
Lamp Lumens 50,000 23,000  
Fixture Efficiency 65% 85% Directional source
Fixture Lumens 32,500 19,465  
Light Loss Factor 75% 85% Low lumen degradation
Mean Fixture Lumens 24,375 15,572  
Application Efficiency 48% 82% Optical control
Road Lumens 11,700 12,769  

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