Seamless Controls Integration

Save energy and adjust lighting for the environment by integrating LEP with lighting control systems

The controllable solid-state driver and a responsive emitter configuration make LEP the only high-intensity source that can be dimmed down to 20% of light output, in just a matter of seconds, with both analog and digital controls.

In addition to offering fine control over light output, dimming actually increases the longevity of the LEP source and the drive electronics. This capability creates an enormous opportunity for reducing energy consumption and operating costs when combined with the use of dimmers and occupancy or daylight sensors.

The LEP driver offers built-in functionality including:

  • Direct 1-10V input for dimming
  • Direct low voltage input control by occupancy sensors
  • Serial interface for digital controls (can interface to DALI and other controls protocols)
  • Logging of operating parameters including temperature, voltage, current and other diagnostics

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