Ford Dealership Showroom Lighting

Case Study: Ford Auto and Marine Dealership (Smithville, MO)
Application: Outdoor Area Lighting

Dave Littleton Ford approached LEP with the need to renovate their large outdoor showroom with lighting that would display their inventory more attractively, while saving energy.

A total of 40 1000W and 400W HID light fixtures were replaced with 24 Plasma fixtures, and 12 1000W floods were upgraded to pulse-start HID technology. The light emitting plasma (LEP) fixtures produce bright, full-spectrum light for beautiful display qualities with a broad distribution, so fewer fixtures were needed to produce the desired light levels.

Littleton Ford received over $7,000 in utility rebates, and received a bonus depreciation deduction of about $16,000. The dealership will save $9,770 annually with a return on investment of 30 months.


  • Replaced 45 HID lights with 24 ST400 plasma fixtures generating the desired light levels.
  • 65% of the project cost was paid with energy-efficiency rebates and incentives
  • Cut demand usage in half, reducing the annual energy footprint by over 70 tons of CO2.
  • Maintenance-free up to 12 years, with 50,000 hour lamp life resulting in lower maintenance costs
  • Annual utility and maintenance savings of more than $9,700
  • 100% payback after only 30 months following the upgrade

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