LEP Chosen To Light New Steel Mill

Case Study: Steel Mill Processing Area (Ningbo, China)
Application: Mixed Use Industrial Area (High Bay)

Ningbo Steel Company was considering lighting their new steel processing facility with 250W HPS fixtures until they discovered LEP luminaires.

Not only were they able to save half the power, their lighting solution matched daylight color during night shifts, boosting productivity and safety. LEP’s advanced electronics also support their use of lighting controls for additional energy savings based on occupancy and motion sensing.

Natural Daylight
LEP Lighting
160W LEP H400 Fixtures (STA-25-03)


  • Reduced total wattage by 43% from 5040W to 2880W
  • More than doubled scotopic brightness and matched photopic brightness
  • Increased visibility and color rendering from 20 to 75 CRI
  • Improved replacement cycle from from 3 years to 9 years, dramatically reducing maintenance costs

Detailed Results

Average Fixture Power280W160W120W
Number of Fixtures1818N/A
Daily Usage12 Hours12 HoursN/A
Lamp Replacement Cycle3 Years9 Years6 Years
Annual Operating Costs
Electricity Consumption (kW-Hr)27,59415,76811,826
Energy Cost$3,587$2,050$1,537
Maintenance Cost$548$237$311
Total Operating Cost$4,315$2,286$1,848
Payback2.9 Years
Environmental Impact
Carbon Dioxide Emissions22 Tons12 Tons10 Tons

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