LEP Replaces Fluorescent Lighting on Manufacturing Floor

Case Study: Electronics Manufacturer (Sunnyvale, CA)
Application: Manufacturing Area (Low Bay)

Improving the quality of the workplace and saving electricity were high on the priority list for this Silicon Valley manufacturer.

Replacing existing T12 fluorescents with LEP luminaires was an easy choice; the upgrade dramatically improved the appearance of the work environment and saved the company over $300 per fixture annually. Furthermore, the installation took the electrician less than a day as the new solution required only 18 LEP luminaires to replace 60 fluorescent ones.

Fluorescent Lighting
60x4 40W Linear Fluorescent Fixtures (T12)
LEP Lighting
18 280W LEP H400 Fixtures (STA-41-02)


  • Reduced total wattage by 47% from 9600W to 5040W
  • Increased light levels levels by 49% from 47ft-cd to 70ft-cd
  • Improved CRI from 70 to 95 providing improved visual acuity and appearance
  • Lengthened lamp replacement cycle from 2 years to 6 years, dramatically reducing maintenance costs
  • 100% payback after only 24 months following the retrofit

Detailed Results

Average Fixture Power160W280W-120W
Number of Fixtures601842
Daily Usage15 Hours15 HoursN/A
Lamp Replacement Cycle2 Years6 Years4 Years
Annual Operating Costs
Electricity Consumption (kW-Hr)52,56027,59424,966
Energy Cost$6,833$3,587$3,246
Maintenance Cost$2,464$237$2,227
Total Operating Cost$9,927$3,824$5,473
Payback24 Months
Environmental Impact
Carbon Dioxide Emissions41 Tons22 Tons26 Tons

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