LEP Illuminates High School Gymnasium

Case Study: St. Francis High School Gymnasium (Mountain View, CA)
Application: High Bay Lighting

Saint Francis High School required better lighting for their gymnasium, and also wanted to reduce their environmental footprint.

The existing 400W metal halide lighting gave the facility a poorly illuminated appearance and was costly to operate and maintain. The school’s Facilities Director wanted the gym (which operated 15 hours/day) to be an attractive venue for its teams and decided an LEP solution would address the school’s needs.

HPS Lighting
470W Metal Halide Lighting
LEP Lighting
280W LEP Lighting (STA-41-02)
Fits into our strategy for reducing energy, and provides a well-lit facility for our athletes and our fans. Less heat, no noise, more light.
—Tim Houlihan, Director of Planning


  • Reduced annual costs by 45% for energy and maintenance ($177/fixture, 3.4 year simple payback on retrofit)
  • Improved footcandle levels compared to previous 400W metal halide lamps
  • Improved CRI from 65 to 95 providing improved visual acuity and appearance
  • Ease of retrofit; able to swap out each luminaire in 15 minutes
  • Eliminated noise from MH light ballast
  • Reduced environment footprint by 26 tons of CO2 emitted per year (equivalent to the amount sequestered by 5 acres of pine forest)

Detailed Results

Average Fixture Power470W280W190W
Number of Fixtures3232N/A
Daily Usage15 Hours15 HoursN/A
Lamp Replacement Cycle2 Years9 Years7 Years
Annual Operating Costs
Electricity Consumption (kW-Hr)82,34449,05633,288
Energy Cost$10,705$6,377$4,327
Maintenance Cost$1,752$420$1,332
Total Operating Cost$12,457$6,798$5,659
Payback3.4 Years
Environmental Impact
Carbon Dioxide Emissions64 Tons38 Tons26 Tons

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