International Shipping Port Upgrades to LEP

Case Study: International Shipping Port
Application: High Mast Lighting
Partner: Brightlight Systems

The constant activity at a commercial shipping port puts a high demand on the quality and reliability of its lighting infrastructure, requiring bright light to be distributed over a vast area for safety at any time of day or night.


  • Improve energy efficiency by replacing 1000W HPS lighting system
  • Centralize wireless controls (on for 12 hrs/day, dimmed for 6-8 hrs/day)
  • Install safer and higher quality lighting across 100 high mast poles
HPS Lighting
1000W HPS Lighting (12 Fixtures/Pole)
LEP Lighting
560W LEP Lighting (10 Fixtures/Pole)


  • 75% energy savings with Light Emitting Plasma and wireless dimming controls
  • Higher visibility levels with more accurate color rendering
  • 2 fewer fixtures per pole reducing pole weight by 80lbs
  • Minimized maintenance at 100ft heights above ground

Detailed Results Per Pole

1000W HPSLEP STA-41-01SavingsDimmedSavings
Operating Costs
Average Fixture Power1200W560W640W373W827W
Number of Fixtures12102101
Installation Power14400W5600W8800W3733W10667W
Annual Energy Cost$8,199$3,189$5,011$2,216$6,074
Annual Maintenance Cost$657$263$394$263$394
Total Annual Operating Cost$8,856$3,451$5,405$2,389$6,468
Payback1.4 Years1.2 Years
Annual Environment Impact and Emissions
Total Annual Operating Cost49 Tons19 Tons30 Tons13 Tons36 Tons

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