LEP Parking Lot Lighting in Silicon Valley

Case Study: Semiconductor Manufacturer — Silicon Valley, CA
Application: Parking Lot Lighting
Partner: Wil-Cal Lighting Management Co.

Silicon Valley is home to a thriving industry of cutting-edge high technology, and this semiconductor manufacturer consulted with Wil-Cal Lighting Management looking for ways to improve their outdoor area lighting.

Wil-Cal delivered a system using LEP to save 55% energy, reducing their carbon footprint while improving the quality of light compared to their original HPS installation. Occupancy sensors were used in Hi-Lo mode to dim lamps during the night to save even further energy.

HPS Lighting
400W HPS Lighting
LEP Lighting
275W LEP Lighting (STA-41-01)
We have used LUXIM Light Emitting Plasma technology on two different jobs replacing the yellow high pressure sodium with brilliant white light. On both jobs, we have saved approximately 50% energy while increasing light levels.
—Kinya Pollard, Wil-Cal Lighting Management


  • Achieved 55% energy savings with Light Emitting Plasma technology
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 0.85 tons each year
  • 50% reduction in maintenance costs
  • 1/3rd setup time compared to typical lighting installations
  • Uniform illumination completely eliminating dark spots
  • Safer night-time environment with accurate color rendering
  • Hi / Lo operation using motion sensors

Detailed Results Per Fixture

HPS 400WLEP STA-41-01 Hi/LoLEP Savings
AC System Power465W209W236W
Daily Usage12 Hours12 HoursN/A
Lamp Replacement Cost$150$200-$50
Lamp Replacement Cycle18,000 Hours50,000 Hours32,000 Hours
Annual Operating Costs
Average Annual Lamp Replacement Cost$37$18$19
Total Energy Consumption2037 KW-Hrs913 KW-Hrs1124 KW-Hrs
Annual Energy Cost ($0.13/KW-Hr)$265$119$146
Total Annual Operating Cost$18,000$4,536$13,464
Environmental Impact
Annual CO2 Produced1.53 Tons0.68 Tons0.85 Tons