LEP Roadway Lighting in Guangdong, China

Case Study: New Material Road — Guangdong Province, China
Application: Street and Roadway Lighting

China's New Material Road is the street that leads to some of the largest lighting manufacturers in the world. As you can imagine, the road was originally built with the latest lighting technology available at the time of its construction.

But, much has changed since then, including China's commitment to energy efficiency and their standards regarding street and area lighting. Fortunately, lighting technology has evolved as well, and LEP technology meets the challenge of innovation under strict energy limitations.

HPS Lighting
400W HPS Lighting
LEP Lighting
275W LEP Lighting (Century CANA luminaires)
Prior to the retrofit, the roadway was very lit with a very orange light. Now that we’ve upgraded, the light is bright white. Much more inviting, and far more energy efficient.
—Mayor of Guangdong


  • 44% energy savings with Light Emitting Plasma technology
  • Cut maintenance costs in half due to 300% longer lamp life
  • Reduced power consumption from 400W to 275W full power, 193W Hi/Lo
  • Improved the quality of light from yellow to white light with 2.4x better nighttime visibility
  • Full payback achieved after only 22 months

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