Gymnasium Lighting in Oakland, CA

Case Study: Boys & Girl's Club — Oakland, CA
Application: Gymnasium Lighting

Improving the quality of light and ambience inside this gymnasium was a high priority for the Boys and Girls Club of Oakland. Not only did LEP cut half the energy cost, but LEP produced more than double the light output.

Replacing existing 470W Metal Halide with 270W LEP luminaires was an easy choice; the change-out dramatically improved the appearance of the gymnasium and created a safe and bright area for kids to enjoy. The installation took the electrician less than a day as the new solution only required 20 LEP luminaires to replace 20 MH fixtures.

HPS Lighting
470W HPS Lighting
LEP Lighting
270W LEP Lighting (STA-41-02)


  • Reduced total wattage by 43% from 9400W to 5400W
  • Increased light levels by 270% from 18ft-cd to 49ft-cd
  • Dramatically increased visibility/color rendering from 70 to 95 CRI
  • Improved replacement cycle from 1.5 yrs to 6 years
  • Payback of 2.2 years for retro-fit project
  • Created uniformity in color that was mismatched on old luminaires

Detailed Results Per Fixture

HPS 470WLEP STA-41-02LEP Savings
Average Fixture Power470W270W
Number of Fixtures2020
Daily Usage15 Hours15 Hours
Lamp Replacement Cycle2 Years9 Years7 Years
Annual Operating Costs
Installation Power9400W5400W4000W
Energy Cost$6,690/Year$3,843/Year$2,847/Year
Maintenance Cost$1,095/Year$262/Year$833/Year
Operating Cost$7,785/Year$4,106/Year$3,679/Year
Payback3 Years

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