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Key Benefits

Light Emitting Plasma offers the following benefits over traditional sources for agricultural and grow lighting applications:

  • Lifetime: LEP sources last 3-5 times longer than HPS sources with a rated lifetime of 50,000 hours, eliminating the need for continuous lamp replacement industrial green houses.
  • Quality of Light: LEP's sun-like spectrum (PAR spectrum 400-700nm) provides the natural illumination needed for maximum plant growth and yield compared to HPS or LED light sources. LEP light produces both UVB (280-315nm) and UVA (315-400nm) rays.
  • Controllable output: With a uniform and directional output for efficient light distribution, LEP is also dimmable and can be digitally controlled for ultimate flexibility.
Learn more about plasma technology and how to apply it from our Lighting FAQ.

Product List

GRO-41-01 GRO-41-02 GRO-75-01 GRO-75-02
Total Initial Lumens 23,000 lm 17,000 lm 45,000 lm 34,000 lm
CCT 5,200K 5,200K 5,200K 5,000K
PPF 300 µmol/s 280 µmol/s 550 µmol/s 510 µmol/s
Spectrum Full Red Enhanced Full Red Enhanced
Rated Average Life 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000
Nominal AC Power 270W 270W 500W 500W
DC Input Voltage 1 28V 28V 28V 28V
DC Input Current 8.9A 8.9A 16.4A 16.4A
Dimming Range 2 20-100% 20-100% 20-100% 20-100%
Housing Fan/Finless Fan/Finless Finless Finless
Orientation 3 Down ±30 Down ±30 Down ±30 Down ±30
1. Digital and 1–10V analog control for smart lighting applications.
2. LEP system DC power. Additional power supply required for AC operation.
3. When tilted around the long axis of the bulb.

LEP Emitter

LEP System


Traditional grow lighting technology can be found at for HPS & MH bulbs, reflectors, and ballasts.

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