Should Lighting Executives go to Prison?

Plasma Planet has learned of another exciting, if somewhat intimidating LEP installation. In this case, LEP is being used to improve perimeter fence lighting at a Correctional Facility.

The installation was done by Straylight Optical Technologies using their Tesla II luminaire equipped with an LEP-STA-4101 from LUXIM. Once again, the incumbent technology was 400W HPS drawing 460 Watts from the grid. The LEP solution provided:

  • 40% energy savings (280Watts Versus 460Watts)
  • Improved color rendering (>70 CRI Versus 25 CRI) and
  • Improved optical control and light distribution along the fence.

These benefits strengthen security and enhance safety at the facility while helping the environment at the same time.

While Occupy Wall Street is raging, the above installation causes Plasma Planet to ponder the question "Should lighting executives go to prison?" And if so, whom?

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