LEP Helps Grow Things Too!!

Lettuce grown under High Pressure Sodium (left) and Light Emitting Plasma (Right). From a study done at North Dakota State University

Given its full sunlight spectrum, Plasma Planet is not surprised that LEP is useful in horticultural lighting. A recent article in Rosebud Magazine ( 2011 08 ROSEBUD-plasma-lighting-WEB-1 ) points out many of the benefits of LEP in these applications including higher quality crops, improved yields and better climate control. The article confirms research results from several organizations including North Dakota State University and Wageningen University.

Crop quality turns out to be a critical factor, especially when it is important to produce off-season crops with the same quality as crops produced under sunlight. LEP makes this possible, which I am especially pleased about as there is nothing quite as good as a sun ripened tomato.

We will keep you posted on test results and new developments in grow Lighting as they become available

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