LEP and Bright Light Systems win PortTech Entrepreneur Pitch Award

PortTech awards "Best Business Model" to Bright Light Systems, a high mast lighting integrator of LEP.

Energy consumption at ports and terminals can be reduced by up to 80% if LEP is used for high mast applications – as shown by the winner of PortTech LA’s Best Business Model Award.

American lighting expert, Bright Light Systems (BLS), also demonstrates that the initial cost of LEP is returned through energy savings in under 2.5 years, which giving LEP an edge over LED.

Brad Lurie, CEO, Bright Light Systems, says: “We have proven our technology and approach in the market place and are in a position to scale and accelerate our growth. Our product is far beyond beta testing or trials and we are winning business today using technology in a market that has been stagnant for nearly 50 years.”

LEP, like LED, has longevity and reliability, but has a much greater lumen density (up to 200x greater) and can distribute light evenly across wide areas.

Bright Light Systems has several large contracts in progress with container yards and ro-ro facilities. Their current target is shipping terminals in the Caribbean where energy costs are much greater than in the continental US and return on investment is most rapid due to the maintenance reductions, energy savings, and product life.

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